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Do we really need to shake hands?

October 15, 2015

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I was very excited to see that SEAMS Hand Cream made an appearance on Good Morning Britain ITV, taking part in a report on Global Hand Washing Day! I am very passionate when it comes to cleanliness, and even believe that the common handshake should be banned. It may sound ridiculous but hand hygiene really should be a concern to us all. Especially considering that 80% of infections are spread by hands!

Recent research has found that as a nation, we don’t wash our hands properly, with the majority spending just 6 seconds at the sink (experts advise to wash them for at least 30 to clear most germs away). Many people don’t even bother washing their hands at all after using the bathroom! So whenever I shake a hand, I’m completely away that it can spread more germs than a cheek kiss. People avoid air kissing each other hello when they have a cold, but in fact they are more likely to pass on an infection by shaking their hand.

But how do we avoid this ritual that has become so ingrained in our social etiquette? Is it time to ditch the hand shake for a more conventional nod or bow? Or greet like Obama and adopt the American style fist pump? Or should we all just wear gloves like the queen?

I would prefer not to shake hands, but sometimes it’s unavoidable so being forewarned is being forearmed, which is why Global Hand Washing day is great.
It gets the discussion going and really makes us stop and think about how we carry out simple everyday acts and gestures and how they can affect our health.

Here are my tips to keep you and your hands healthy:

1. Wash hands regularly with soap (not just after visiting the bathroom) for at least 30 seconds.

2. Always carry a hand sanitiser with you for times when a bathroom isn’t available.

3. Be meticulous about cleaning those surfaces that your hands often touch, Kitchen work tops, door handles, mobile phones.

4. Always keep SEAMS close to hand as all that cleaning will make your skin dry. Plus SEAMS natural anti-bacterial ingredient Fragonia Oil will help keep germs away too!

Karen J Gerrard



SEAMS backstage London Fashion Week SS16 Keeping Quilters Hands Happy, Interview Jennifer Sampou
SEAMS backstage London Fashion Week SS16
Keeping Quilters Hands Happy, Interview Jennifer Sampou

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