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Bio Karen J. Gerrard

Karen J. Gerrard, Founder and Creator of SEAMS Beauty, is the modern day woman balancing responsibilities in business and family.  Born in London England in 1964, Karen nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit through education in the creative arts and fashion. In 1990, after working a decade in the fashion industry in design, wholesale and retail, Karen opened a fashion accessories store that quickly became a success.  After several years, she chose to sell her shop to focus on building her family and supporting philanthropic endeavors.

Karen’s passion for sewing led her to later pursue a course in Millinery at The London College of Fashion. Her hands took a beating from the repetitive use of sewing needles, hot irons, and constantly being in water, leaving them cracked, dry, pinpricked and sore. She was not alone.

“I wanted to buy a hand cream that would moisturize and help heal our sore, dry, pin-pricked hands, but didn’t transfer grease onto the fabrics. I couldn’t find one so I created SEAMS.”

During the next year, Karen worked with a pharmacist to formulate the best possible hand cream full of natural ingredients, with a light calming scent. Karen travelled across the UK to find a factory, Karen kept production in the UK to support the British manufacturing industry and to enable her to build a face-to-face relationships. Karen is proud to have created the best possible hand care, and is currently working on developing a full collection.

Learning a new business is exciting and I have been fortunate to meet many lovely people along the way who have been happy to share their expertise with me

SEAMS launched at London Fashion week in 2013, and quickly became the go-to hand cream backstage at film and TV studios used by seamstresses and make-up artists.

SEAMS takes the practical need for comfortable hands, and has developed a beautiful product that renders skin soothed, soft and silky to the touch. Key ingredients that are natural and safe to use are at the heart of this luxurious, yet affordable product.

Karen is passionate about hand care. “There is so much emphasis on looking after the skin on our face and neck but it is our hands that show the real signs of ageing”

“In this digital world we have never been so connected yet disconnected, our hands play a lead role in everything we do, and everyone should be looking after their hands.”

Karen is proud to provide the hand cream that delivers instant results to women & men who want their hands to look and feel fabulous.

Both Karen and SEAMS Beauty are based in the UK.


Karen J Gerrard SEAMS Hand Cream


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