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  • Just discovered the most amazing hand cream!


    KELLY OSBOURNE Singer, Songwriter, Actress
  • SEAMS Hand Cream is a fantastic moisturiser with a fragrance that isn’t overpowering.

    Carl Weathers Review SEAMS Hand cream

    CARL WEATHERS Actor Physch The Movie, Chicago Justice, Rocky, USA Network, NBC
  • Awwwww Yeaaaaah SEAMS Hand Cream, my hands thank-you No more Ashy Skin

    Dule Hill Suits SEAMS Hand Cream

    DULE HILL Actor SUITS, Salvation, CBS, USA Network
  • I absolutely love Seams Hand Cream. It’s easy to carry around. The right size to take on holiday too. It leaves my hands feeling so moist, soft and smooth, healing and sealing any cuts or sores on my hands and nails. Especially in the cold winter months. It does all this without feeling greasy or leaving a residue on anything you touch after application… A must have!

    Kate Garraway using SEAMS HAnd Cream


    HELEN HAND With Kate Garraway, Make Up artist for Lorraine show, Good Morning Britain, ITV
  • “Love SEAMS I keep it in the car and in the house”

    Anthea Turner SEAMS Hand Cream

    ANTHEA TURNER TV Presenter
  • Never go out without it! I keep SEAMS Hand Cream in my car.

    Jilly Johnson SEAMS hand Cream in Bently


    JILLY JOHNSON Model, Writer, Presenter
  • In the hands of…

    Paul Young SEAMS Hand Cream

    PAUL YOUNG Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Cook.
  • In film we use so many harsh products like brush cleaner along with washing our hands frequently, that our hands get dry easily. I’m always using hand cream, SEAMS is a staple in my set bag.

    Its so perfect for this business where you want something to melt into hands quickly, won’t be greasy and when dealing with very expensive clothes on actors I’m not worried about oil transfer!

    Julia Bors - Drolliger Make-up artist CBS

    JULIA BORS-DOLLINGER Make-up artist CBS, USA Network, Psych The Movie
  • This Hand Cream -Full

    Jacqueline Byers SEAMS Hand Cream Salvation CBS

    JAQUELINE BYERS Actress Salvation CBS USA Network
  • Using SEAMS Hand Cream backstage, the men all love it as its not greasy, they dislike the feeling of cream sitting on their skin, or worried they will smell too floral.
    So SEAMS is absolutely perfect for them.

    Emma White Turl Make-up SEAMS

    EMMA WHITE TURL Celebrity Make Up Artist Film & TV, Beauty editor Schon Magazine, EWTmakeup
  • “An amazing Hand Cream” Backstage Salvation CBS TV Series

    Linda Preston Make-up Artist SEAMS Hand Cream

    Linda Preston Pro Make-up Artist
  • “Without doubt the best Hand Cream ever. Love the smell Non-greasy”

    Claudine Collins The Apprentice SEAMS Hand Cream

    Claudine Collins MD MediaCom UK, Final interviewer on BBC's The Apprentice
  • “Amazing Cream you are the Queen of Hands”

    Anthea Turner

    ANTHEA TURNER TV Presenter
  • “Heavenly Cream”

    Emma Louise Connolly SEAMS Hand Cream

    Emma Louise Connolly Model

    14184327_870061696471175_6382051162644639131_n Best hand cream I have ever tried. Smells amazing and isn’t greasy.

    Claudine Collins Interviewer on The Apprentice MD of MediaCom UK
  • SEAMS Hand Cream in Make-up

    We loved using SEAMS Hand Cream on the set of “xXx The Return of Xander Cage” I don’t think there was one Actor that after having tried it didn’t grab a tube for their personal use. We used SEAMS in the make up bags and the actors used it to maintain their hands, although many loved it on their legs!

    Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Toni Collette, Nina Dobrev, Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone, Ruby Rose, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa & Michale Bisping.

    xXx The return of Xander Cage

    Rose-Mary Holosko Celebrity Make-Up Artist
  • I am addicted to SEAMS it’s the least greasy hand cream I’ve used.

    ClAIRE LOUISE-HARDY Great British Sewing Bee BBC 2, Sewing teacher, Thrifty Stitcher
  • Having applied hand cream for the past 36 years, since the age of 12, I consider myself to be a hand cream connoisseur and possible addict. My hands have seen a variety of creams applied to them over the years, but none equate to the sublime SEAMS. Its secret dry ingredient gives the sensation of rubbing an exquisite powder into your skins opposed to a cream. I now find myself applying hand cream numerous times daily, not because I have to but because I want to. I cannot imagine going back to other brands now that I have experienced SEAMS. You’ve taken my beloved product to another level! I think you may have cured my hand cream addiction… but you’ve created a SEAMS addict instead!

    I’m really impressed with your product, when I first started using it I couldn’t get my head round how applying a cream felt like I was rubbing powder into my hands.

    What do I do in a day? Firstly there’s the usual cleaning and housework that definitely dries my hands out. Plus I walk my dogs on the shores of Loch Ness where the cold always takes it’s toll on the skin of my hand.

    But recently Ive started to do felting on an almost daily basis. To get the wool fibres to weave together to make the felt I have to use a lot of extremely hot water with olive soap. There’s a lot of rubbing involved too and I found that it was taking its toll on my hands. I was suffering from dry skin on my hands as a result of my felting. Applying hand cream wasn’t making that much difference to alleviating the dry parts, but since SEAMS arrived and I’ve been using it, the dry skin has cleared up and no more has appeared even though I’m still felting every day.

    I truly love it. Once I’ll definitely be ordering more. Id miss not having any to use.

    Thanks Karen for developing such a fab, must have product 🙂

    Felting SEAMS Hand Cream Hand Care


    Christine Duncan Felter, Housewife, Dog Walker
  • I really like SEAMS, my hands are super-thirsty always, given the hard life they get, being outside so much exposure to sun and wind and pushing my wheelchair when the roads are wet. I really like the non-greasy feel of it, the ease that it feels to glide in / absorb. I have become a regular hand cream addict and have a tube handy all the time.

    Karen Darke

    Karen Darke British Paralympic Cyclist
  • A lovely rich hand cream for chilly days

    Gary Cockerill SEAMS Hand Cream

    Gary Cockerill Celebrity make-up artist
  • A very clever hand cream by a very clever lady. It does everything you could possibly wish for and there is always one in my kit and in my handbag.

    I’ve got tubes in every handbag and my daughter is trying to steal it!

    Emma White Turle Make Up Artist TV, Beauty Editor for Schon Magazine
  • SEAMS Hand Cream I love it! It’s actually done the trick!

    Nadia Sawalha TV Presenter ITV, Actress
  • Love Love Love SEAMS Hand Cream

    Lisa Mejuto Make-Up artist ITV Good Morning Britain
  • From the cast and crew of Suits, We LOVE SEAMS

    SUITS Season 5 USA Network SEAMS Hand Cream

    SUITS Season 5 USA Network Tamara Harrod Hair, Costume.
  • I really like your product SEAMS Hand Cream, and notice there is Shea butter in it. Yay! Very nice to have an industry specific cream! Lovely product.

    Jennifer Sampou Quilter, Artist, Textile designer.
  • Being a beautician my hands are always in and out of water and products. They get very dry from me using my hands so much! Then I found SEAMS Hand Cream it’s a miracle worker, my hands are silky smooth with no greasy feel! Grab some, you won’t regret it.

    SEAMS Hand Cream Review by The Beauty Kingdom

    The Beauty Kingdom Skincare expert
  • Before I get into bed, I always put loads of hand cream on. At the moment I’m loving SEAMS Hand Cream.

    Lisa Eldridge Professional make-up artist
  • I am simply in love with your product, I’ve never used anything that works so well. I’ve only been using SEAMS for about a week now, but my hands, cuticles, and nails already look so moisturised and healthy. As a mom of 4 I am constantly washing my hands or cleaning something up, and my nails were dry and brittle. I can’t believe how much stronger they look after one week of using SEAMS.

    Jennifer Mom USA
  • Can’t get enough of this SEAMS Hand Cream! So delicious, incredibly soft hands. XAshley Moore's hand on SEAMS Hand Cream

  • I’m loving SEAMS Hand Cream, its so nice to apply and doesn’t leave any residue etc which is great when I’m constantly touching fabrics and using my hands. I’m also obsessed with scent… I love it.

    Emmie McCourts Fashion Designer
  • I perform TCA peels on my clients hands for rejuvenation, my colleagues and clients adore SEAMS Hand Cream. I have been a registered nurse for over 26 years and SEAMS Hand Cream is the only one that I use after being in surgical gloves for hours.

    Melissa Caruso Calafell Registered nurse and owner of Renaissance Beauty Wilton CT USA
  • SEAMS Hand Cream is incredible, Smells Lush and not greasy at all!

    Nails by Natalie Rose using SEAMS Hand Cream

    Natalie Rose Nails By Natalie Rose
  • It seems to have sealed my cuticles, and smoothed over the little nicks and cuts I have from pinning  and hand sewing, especially on my fingertips. The texture especially is great – non-greasy, easily absorbed.  The scent is very subtle and pleasant, I use SEAMS often particularly after washing my hands – it does make a difference indeed. Myself and my colleagues love SEAMS Hand Cream,

    Johanne Bertaux-Strenna Seamstress Selfridges London
  • I have suffered from Psoriasis on my hands for several years, and after using SEAMS for only one week it has considerably cleared. The cream was not sticky or clammy. I would thoroughly recommend it.

    Hannah Mathews
  • This gorgeous, light textured Hand Cream, softens without leaving your hands greasy.

    Makeup by Niki

    NIKI MARK Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Make-up by Niki
  • “A lovely product helping to keep busy working hands in good condition”

    May Martin Sewer, Judge on The Great British Sewing Bee
  • “The cream feels so good on my hands, especially when left on overnight. Probably the best one I have used”.

    Liz G
  • “Seams hand cream is just magical, it leaves my hands feeling so smooth, soft and heavenly like never before. I love it”!

    Lizzie Cundy TV Presenter
  • “Not only does it feel wonderful on your skin and absolutely does the trick, but it also smells divine”.

    Anita Dobson and Karen J Gerrard

    Anita Dobson Actress
  • “I rarely get time to stop and look after myself, but the minute I get into my car I put on Seams Hand Cream and it feels like super luxury, pure silk”!

    Androulla Ergatides Precious Bites Cafe at Daniel Galvin
  • “Just need to say how fabulous Seams hand cream is! I’ve purchased creams in the past but Seams is the best one I have had for many years. I am a dressmaker by profession and I love the fact the hand cream leaves my hands soft but not greasy and even my cuticles are better”.

    Karen Rose Dressmaker
  • “My mum and her friend took some Seams hand cream off me last night and went crazy for it”!

    Hannah Sales consultant
  • “Great Hand Cream” ” Excellent better than any other I have tried”

    The Ivy Chefs Chefs at the Ivy
  • “Seams is great Hand cream for photo shoots”

    Hillary Alexander OBE British fashion Journalist
  • “As someone who suffers from dry skin I am always on the search for a great hand cream suitable to my needs and have never found one until now. In my job I am constantly handling expensive fabrics and cannot use most hand creams as they leave a greasy residue. I also often injure my hands with the needles and scissors. Seams is amazing as it absorbs fully into the skin so it is not greasy and it also has an anti bacterial ingredient so it helps to heal my hands. I’m thrilled to finally find the perfect hand cream”.


    Gemma Ainsworth Fashion designer
  • “I have never used hand cream before, this is great I am now using Seams hand cream all the time”.

    Sean McDermott Head concierge Scotts restaurant Mayfair.
  • “Am really loving this new luxury hand cream called Seams. So soothing without being greasy – and smells deliciously like freshly laundered linen (no strong perfume)”.

    Jilly Johnson with Seams Hand Cream

    Jilly Johnson Presenter, Writer, Model
  • “I am using Seams hand cream all the time, it is really good and the smell is beautiful definitely it helps to restore the cuts on my fingers”.

    Augustina Toscano Head Seamstress, Selfridges
  • “The Seams hand cream is amazing! Everyone is loving it. It absorbs really well and the fragrance is nice too”.

    Justine Manicurist, Daniel Galvin
  • “Well I’m addicted…I’ve used it 3 times already this morning! It really does sink in quickly doesn’t it. I love the fragrance – it has a holiday feeling about it. The texture is gorgeous, but as I said it’s super absorbent”.

    Donna Francis Beauty Editor


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