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'SEW SOOTHING' This fantastic Hand Cream created with seamstresses in mind helps moisturise without leaving an oily residue!

Let’s Knit Magazine

"We knitters must take care of our hands and SEAMS is the perfect way to do it! Full of sweet - smelling natural ingredients, this gentle hand cream is the ideal way to protect and heal the delicate skin on your hands."

Cross Stitch Magazine

SEAMS, a clever hand cream that's specifically designed for those who work with fabric! Beloved by fashion professionals the world over, this blend of shea butter, macadamia oil and other natural goodies will keep your hands soft and supple but won't leave any residue on your stitching. This would be an ideal gift from your other half or the perfect present for  stitchy pal.

Close Up Magazine

SEAMS is a miracle hand cream

Let’s Knit Magazine

SEAMS Hand Cream used by seamstresses and make-up artists backstage at Film & TV  is a knitter's dream! Full of sweet smelling ingredients, this gentle hand cream is the ideal way to protect and heal the delicate skin on your hands.

Sew News USA

A sewists' new best friend SEAMS Hand Cream originally created for a couturier's design studio, helps in healing minor cuts and pin pricks, moisturises, softens, soothes and protects skin while also strengthening nails and conditioning cuticles.

Threads Magazine

Originally created for design studio stitchers to help keep their hands smooth and to heal pinpricks, SEAMS Hand Cream by SEAMS Beauty Ltd has a "dry' formula that absorbs in 60 seconds and conditions skin without leaving a greasy residue. The fast-drying formula is paragon-free and contains natural ingredients, including keratin and fragonia oil, which has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. SEAMS Hand Cream has a herbal scent.

Simply Sewing Magazine

KEEP IT HANDY This innovative hand cream was created especially for couturiers. SEAMS is devised to soothe pin pricks and also moisturise busy hands, and is rich in Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil and Keratin for your nails. It's also designed to sink right in, so no greasy fingerprints on your latest make! Phew.  

Lisa Eldridge Into The Gloss Top Shelf

Lisa Eldridge includes SEAMS in her Top Shelf Into The Gloss interview "I always put loads of Hand Cream on and body lotion, at the moment I'm loving SEAMS Hand Cream".

East Kent Lifestyle

Seams Hand Cream Keep Mum's hands and nails beautiful with the "backstage beauty hero" loved by designers and make-up artists. Healing and softening, Seams Hand Cream has a non-greasy texture and should be massaged into hands and nails at every opportunity. Always in my hand bag this cream has changed my world. Bye bye dry hands! Yummy Mummy by Amy Mcmanus

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