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Keeping Quilters Hands Happy, Interview Jennifer Sampou

October 26, 2015

Jennifer Sampou Quilt

I have always been a fan of quilting. This great American tradition is such a lovely pastime, it’s no wonder it is becoming a popular hobby in Britain too! There are wonderful Quilting museums in Kentucky USA and Bath UK where you can see quilts from all over the world, and classes for quilting are now sought after. Quilts are being used for babies, on a bed, as a warmer in the lounge and as wall coverings. It’s no wonder all ages are learning this craft. It is a very relaxing skill and I am completely in in awe of anyone that can create something so exquisite with such love and memories.

So I was extremely lucky to meet the queen of quilting Jennifer Sampou in San Francisco. Jennifer is an American Textile designer and has designed over 3000 prints for famous brands like Robert Kaufman and via her own company Studio Sampou. Yet it is only recently that she has become a serious quilter. “I grew up in a super creative household, and have always sewn clothes and things for my home.” Jennifer explains, “but now that my kids are older, I have time to work with prints in a more specific, detailed way, and it feels so fresh and inspiring.”

Jennifer talks us through what keeps her inspired and how she looks after her quilters hands…

I spend 5 hours a day creating quilts and textiles so my hands are my most valuable tool. I do all my textile work by hand and love getting dirty.

I do some hand stitching and push needles through my fingertips – it’s a dangerous sport! It can take anything from 1 day to two months to make a quilt, but I don’t feel any pain in my hands as I take good care of them.

I wash my hands a lot between cooking, painting, giving the dogs lots of scratching, feeding the chickens and of course working with fabric.

I am always putting cream on! I find it easier to work when my hands are moisturised. I can’t stand it when my hands are dry.

Paint thinner is very damaging for my hands but my hand care routine keeps them healthy.

Cotton is my favourite fabric to work with. Silk sateen is very slippery and hard to handle.

SEAMS I really like this product it’s very moisturising. I love Shea Butter based creams, very nice to have an industry specific cream!

California and Mexico (my home away from home) are dry climates and I must take care of my hands and skin overall.

I take good care of myself and eat healthily. I make sure to work out, do yoga, get manicures.

My friends, family, art and other exhilarating people inspire me.

My motto for work is inhale inspiration, exhale design.

My motto for life is to love well, laugh hard and dance.

If you like the sound of quilting, Jennifer suggests to take a basic class and buy a beginner’s hand book. She assures me that very little sewing experience is needed, just a day of learning how to use a rotary cutter and sewing machine!

Thank-you Jennifer for letting us into your day.

Always keep SEAMS close to hand

Karen J Gerrard




Do we really need to shake hands? Tis The Season For SEAMS
Do we really need to shake hands?
Tis The Season For SEAMS

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