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Karen J. Words For Female First

Karen J. writes a monthly beauty column for FemaleFirst.co.uk

How To Get A Radiant Glow Whilst On-The-Go

Whilst going to the gym exercises our hearts and tones our bodies, it also has a glowing effect on our skin, blood circulation is increased which helps arteries to open up, allowing more blood to reach the surface delivering nutrients to speed up collagen production, but too much of a good thing is never good for us, high impact training such as running outside can have the opposite effect - read my tips on how to care for your skin whilst exercising - Female First How To Get A Radiant Glow Whilst On-The-Go  

FEMALE FIRST – Best Foot Forward- For Tip Top Toes – Words Karen J. Gerrard

Whilst it is obvious to use foot cream at night on sore feet, moisturising in the morning will keep the skin supple for the day ahead. Feet love 'em or hate 'em they walk us around the world, and take the full impact of our body day in day out, so our feet should have TLC all year round, but furthest from our eyes many of us only pay attention to our toes when the sun and candles come out. For tip top toes read here - Female First Best Foot Forward  

FEMALE FIRST – 10 Tips To Stop Your Hands Showing Their Age – Words Karen J. Gerrard

It all starts with a touch - from the minute we are born we start to feel. Touch is the only sense that you can't switch off. There are more sensory nerves in our hands than any other part of our body, which is why a paper cut or pinprick will hurt so much. From washing our hands to handling material we loose moisture. Basically our hands are the most hardworking part of our bodies, they take a bashing in everything we do, so it's no wonder they are true indicators of our age! Read more - Female First - 10 Tips To Stop Your Hands Showing Their Age FEMALE FIRST is the Uk's largest independently-owned women's lifestyle magazine - updated throughout the day.

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