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How To Keep Your Hands Flexible

November 13, 2017

At SEAMS we have always worked with flexible hours, I believe in a balanced life, everyone should have time for work, family and pursuing individual goals and passions, however with the fast pace of business it’s important that team members keep everyone in the loop with regular updates. Now more than ever our hands are working on the keyboards of computers, tablets and phones. Research shows that the average person spends over five hours a day typing, so keeping hands flexible is a must!

Hands on a laptop Keep hands flexible Karen J

Have you ever noticed in the past that your hands have felt strained or painful? This was probably caused by repetitive movements, moving forwards here are three easy ways to help keep your hands and wrists flexible for optimum comfort and performance whilst working on a keyboard or writing –

1. Positioning 
When you are working on a computer your elbows should be at a comfortable open angle. If your elbows are angled upwards more than 90 degrees you run the risk of fatigue in your tendons and muscles.

Use a light touch – slamming the keys with too much pressure over time can cause fatigue and strain.

2. Finger & Wrist Stretch
To strengthen wrists – with the palms of your hands and elbows pressed together slowly spread your elbows apart keeping your palms pressed together. Do this 3 times.

Wrist exercises palms together Karen J. JPG

Sitting with palms together facing upwards and elbows out, slowly rotate palms down until the stretch is felt, hold for 10 seconds and release.
Do this 3 times.

To strengthen fingers – hold your hand in a fist and then release slowly.
Do this 3 times.

Hand exercises clenched fist Karen J

3. Keep Your Hands Warm

Cold hands feel uncomfortable and are prone to injury, and so it is particularly important to keep your hands warm in the winter. Wearing wrist warmers are an ideal solution as they keep the blood flowing into your hands at a warm temperature. Also taking a minute to massage with SEAMS Hand Cream will help with the blood circulation, moisturise dry skin and leave hands feeling soft & soothed.

SEAMS absorbs instantly and will not leave grease on your keyboard, so you can carry on working and following your passions, as long as you like.

Karen J. x

Keep hands flexible blog Karen J



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