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What Does Your Heart Line Say About You? – Palmistry

November 10, 2017

Bring your hands together and see what your heart line could show about you.

I’ve been intrigued recently about the art of Palmistry – reading the lines on your hands. There are gifted people who have the ability to read the lines on our hands and tell us what the past, present and future hold for us and what our personality is like, but do the lines on your hands really mean what they say?

This ancient Chinese art has the philosophy that our lives are predetermined before we are born and that the energy is in the written in the palm of our hands. Here’s what my research has shown –

Apparently the most popular thing people want to know about when having their palms read is about their relationships. Research shows that if you are interested to learn how you will fare in friendships or romance you can do this fun exercise by looking at your heart line, combine your left hand and your right hand by holding both palms together as in the image above.

1. If the line on your left hand is higher than the right it could mean you are independent, you may not search for a partner to complete your life but can become a fighter for relationships. You take up every challenge and never let a good opportunity pass you by. You transform your strong nature into being passionate and fiery in romance.

2. If the line on the right hand is higher than the left it could mean that you are a good lover and an old soul.
Old souls are said to be very comfortable having relationships with older people, they tend not to confirm to traditional thinking, and often try to push the boundaries beyond what others consider normal. You choose to see people in their genuine self and not how they present themselves to you. Honesty and trust is what you are about, and you speak truth in a direct manner.

3. If  both lines are perfectly aligned, showing a perfect curve this can mean you are calmer and have a pure heart.
Pure at heart means you are gentle with yourself and kind to others, and only have others best interests at heart. Your sensitivity means you have empathy towards people, and want to offer them comfort. Once you let someone in that person can be safe in the knowledge that they will be offered passion, trust and loyalty.
Changes in life can make you uncomfortable but despite everything you are able to manage your way and always end up better than before.

Whatever the lines on your hands show, keep them moisturised and soothed with SEAMS Hand Cream. They are our biggest tools for everything we do.

What does the heart line on your hands say about you?

Karen J.





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