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The Future Is In Your Hands This Year… Or Is It?

December 28, 2015

The new Year us a time for resolutions. Is this the year to make that career leap? To take that sabbatical? Where is this relationship heading?

When there are difficult choices to make many of us tend to look for ‘signs’, often in unusual places.

Some look to the stars, some find significance in a certain song lyric, a line in a movie, some in the tea leaves in their mug, but what if the answer you are looking for is right there, in the palm of your hand?

The lines on our hands have been used to tell our fortunes for millennia. As children we love the idea of gypsies and crystal balls and crossing palms with silver. As adults there is much to be said for something that may help and guide us, after all, Julia Robert’s character in Eat, Pray, Love had her palm read and ended living in paradise with Javier Bardem!

The lines on our hands say so much about who we are, how we have lived, but can they really tell us what is to come too?

Palmists (otherwise known as Chirologists) believe that the shape, depth and clarity of each of the lines on our hands, together with the shape and feel of the mounds on our palms and fingers can predict our prosperity, our love-lives, how many children we will have, or when our lives will take a different direction.

Did you know that the squishy pads at the base of your fingers are (from your thumb to the little finger) known as your mounts of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury? The squishier they are the more passionate, dominant, stubborn, extravagant or outgoing you are supposed to be, and the flatter they are the less so.

Those of us with almond shaped finger nails are thought to be more gentle and diplomatic than those with squarer shaped nails. Long fingers are believed to belong to people with more artistic traits than their more practical, shorter fingered counterparts.

Sceptics will say that happy, successful people don’t tend to have their palms read, that it is more reliable to look to solid truths to help guide us when we feel uncertain. But there is no doubt that our hands do tell volumes about us, from the work we do to the lifestyle we lead, the care we take of ourselves is most evident in our hands.

Wether you believe or not, one thing you can be certain of when it comes to taking care of your hands is SEAMS

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year

Karen J Gerrard

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