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Keep Your Fitness Routine In Hand

January 15, 2016

Exercise is a great way of releasing those ‘happy’ endorphins as well as keeping your health in check of course! But have you ever considered the damage it can potentially do to your hands? Did you know that 1 in 4 athletic injuries involve the hand and wrist? Each hand contains 29 major and minor bones; 29 major joints; and at least 12 ligaments and 34 muscles which move the fingers and thumb.

These stats prove how important it is to look after your hands while you workout. Callouses often form when you’re training with weights, deadlifts, chin ups, pull-ups or just about any exercise that involves gripping a bar or handle will produce them. Typically the palm of your hands, right below the fingers will thicken and harden as a result of training. This thick layer of ‘armour’ initially acts to protect hands from tears and blisters, but will soon become unsightly, uncomfortable and at worst, rip right off! Keep skin soft with SEAMS Hand Cream, and wear gym gloves to stop them appearing in the first place.

If you’ve taken up running or other outdoor activities you need to consider how the cold weather will affect the skin and circulation of your hands. Apart from your face, hands are the only part that’s exposed to the cold, wind and rain, so will become stiff and irritated. Wearing gloves to keep warm and moisturising with SEAMS before and after your jog will keep hands soft and supple.

It’s also important to protect hands from any germs they may pick up during workout. Think of the handles on a spin class bike. They are packed with bacteria! People sweat buckets during these classes wiping their faces without cleaning their hands before putting them back on the bars. Keep hands clean by washing them before and after workout, and make use of the anti-bacterial dispensers. Still be sure to wash and moisturise afterwards as these foams and gels are very drying and not as efficient in washing away bacteria as good old-fashioned soap and water.

Whatever your workout, make sure you always carry SEAMS in your gym bag. Moisturising, naturally anti-bacterial, soothing and protecting it has all the properties to keep your hands fit all year round!

Happy exercising

Karen J Gerrard

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