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Preparing hands for Autumn

September 6, 2015

This week we are busy looking after fashion hands, preparing for London Fashion Week in ateliers and fit rooms across London, I love to drop by and can sometimes get a sneak preview as exquisite designs are being hand embroidered in the workrooms! It’s always good to have ‘hands on’ feedback and has been so lovely to receive a blog from Stephanie G-M make up artist who discovered SEAMS backstage at Top Shop Unique.

If like me you are bringing out your warmer knitwear, remember your hands need to be prepared for Autumn too! Dry skin apart from being painful can catch and pull knitwear, materials are very porous and take moisture from our skin as soon as we touch. I personally cannot bear that dry feeling in the fingertips when I have been working with fabrics. Which is one of the reasons I created SEAMS as non-greasy so I only have to take a couple of minutes break to re hydrate my skin.

Knitters hands Large knit blanket

Hands feel especially dry when the temperature drops, there are so many reasons to keep your hands treated and I am always learning of more…

– Palms loose moisture when your’e excited, scared, doing sports as the eccrine glands in the palms stimulate the nervous system to control body temperature, sweat glands start to leak, eventually when you have calmed down your hands will feel very dry.

– Our hands age even faster than our face because the skin is thinner,  so it is so important to keep them moisturised, massaged and supple, SEAMS will help combat the effects of ageing.

– It takes 6 months for fingernails to grow from root to the tip so applying SEAMS to your cuticles and nails now will help your nails grow strong through the winter months.

Don’t put your hands up to dry hands! Just a little attention will improve the appearance of your hands right now and for 20 years from now. SEAMS key ingredients will help make a real difference to your skin Shea Butter, garden Cress, Macadamia nut oil and Fragonia Oil.

Always keep SEAMS close to hand

Karen J Gerrard




How to care for cuticles. Simply Sewing Magazine
How to care for cuticles.
Simply Sewing Magazine

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