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How to care for cuticles.

June 18, 2015

During the SEAMS Signature hand Massage event at Fenwick Brent Cross this month whilst chatting with our customers, I was not surprised to hear that many suffer with dry, split cuticles and even more so in summer than winter.

SEAMS Hand Cream at Fenwick Brent Cross

Cuticles protect the nail bed from bacteria and keep the moisture in. They should never be cut as can grow back a lot thicker as the body tries to repair and replace the skin. Your cuticles need protecting as if they get dry and split so moisture escapes from the nail bed which over time can lead to dry brittle nails, and certainly rough cuticles will catch onto materials and become painful. There is nothing worse than shaking a persons hand and getting scratched by dry skin!

My tips to keep your cuticles soft and supple are –

1 Use a cotton bud and warm water to gently rub around the edges and ease off any dry skin.
2 Massage in a drop of SEAMS to each cuticle, the Macadamia Nut oil will help to soften, whilst Rosa Canina Fruit Oil will moisturise and promote healing and Fragonia Oil which is naturally anti-bacterial will help to keep the nail bed clean.
3 Keep nails shorter, this gives less pressure on the finger tip, easier to maintain and will limit deep breaks which can become sore and traumatise cuticles.

This month we have a special promotion of a box of 4 SEAMS hand Cream and nail file at £26 + Free Postage. Using hand cream regularly is a must to keep hands in good condition, with our box of 4 you can keep a SEAMS next to your bed, in the car, handbag, desk.. It takes just a minute to apply and dry but will have a noticeable long term effect on your skin.


Always keep SEAMS close to hand

Karen J Gerrard


Lisa Eldridge Into The Gloss Top Shelf Preparing hands for Autumn
Lisa Eldridge Into The Gloss Top Shelf
Preparing hands for Autumn

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