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The Beauty Of Music

October 19, 2018

Shakespeare wrote “If music be the food of love play on…” Then on a subliminal note, music is also an anti-ageing skincare tool, and a powerful boost for our wellbeing, health and soul.

Music can bring out emotions of joy, sadness, happiness and love as our brains synchronise with the sound, and has the power to slow down or speed up the rhythm of our heartbeat – Tune in and read how this affects the body –

The cortisol hormone increases in our bodies when we are stressed out, too much cortisol leads to dryness of the skin and the breakdown of collagen so speeding the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A high level of cortisol also lowers our immune system causing issues such as acne, blemishes, dull complexions and in some cases skin allergies, rosacea and eczema.

Slow down the signs of ageing
Listening to your favourite music can help you de-stress and relax the mind and body. This lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels so slowing down the ageing process and promoting clear radiant skin.

Music favourite song

Speed it up for a healthy glow
Listen to a fast beat whilst at the gym to boost blood circulation, beat away toxins and cellulite, plump up skin, keep it supple and give your complexion a healthy glow.

Feed the soul
There’s an old saying “Words are the quill of the heart and music is the quill of the soul.” When you express something in your heart you use words to write it or speak it, music expresses what’s in your soul. Tunes cross all barriers, everyone can be moved by music even if they don’t understand the words, even if in a different language it touches you.

A small child can understand the message of music, put a child to bed and sing a lullaby they will understand it and fall asleep a lot better than when the mother talks and uses words to tell the child to sleep.
Music has a deep power to impart messages and memories, we remember tunes from childhood to old age instantly taking us back to where we were, who we were with and the feelings that song evoked, giving us a deeper inner peace and wellbeing.

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Bump it up
Usually experienced through a chill or a rapid change in temperature some people have the ability to exaggerate the part of the brain where emotions are processed, listen to a chilling piece of music and feel a shiver down your spine and watch Goosebumps appear.

Research has shown that regular music listeners have a higher number of lymphatic cells, which help fight off bacteria and viruses. Our bodies heal whilst we sleep, so listen to a calming tune when going to bed, to help relax your mind giving you a better nights sleep.

Get creative
Listen to your happy music and ignite both the hand co-ordination and ideas part of the brain in unison, to promote abstract thinking and solving problems.

Good vibrations
Sound waves send vibrations into our ears with which to hear, a deaf person can feel the vibrations and send signals to their brain, then with the help of sign language also know the lyrics and enjoy the music.

Dance to the beat 
Not everyone likes to exercise but who doesn’t start tapping their feet or clapping hands when listening to an upbeat tune. There are 8 essential pressure points in our hands which get activated when we clap having a positive effect on our hearts and blood circulation, helping to remove obstructions in the veins and arteries, sharpening the brain and keeping the immune system healthy.
Whether it’s dancing around the house by yourself, or at a party with a partner moving together to the rhythm, both will have physical and psychological benefits. Dancing helps you stay fit, increases muscle tone and will keep you supple. Dancing releases the happy hormone and some doctors dance with their patients during appointments to help reduce their anxiety!!!

DJ spinning at a club music

We rely pretty much on our hands during social dancing, it’s virtually impossible not to use them whilst on the dance floor, hands help communicate what the body wants to do, telling a story giving attitude, sensual energy or just pure fun. Dancing with a partner will inevitably involve touch, which is essential to our emotional wellbeing. There are more sensory nerves in our hands than any other part of the body, through holding hands we can express emotions and feelings. Hands are a way of connecting the bodies, holding hands whilst you dance signals total unity, a tilt of the hand can indicate the direction you want to go, touching your partner gently around the waist gives an instant feeling of compassion and security.

Music is contagious
In a good way, music can lift the energy in a room, uplift our mood and bring light to our faces. When Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline at a Red Sox game a full stadium of 37,731 people were swaying to the music holding hands with the person next to them, endorphins were released, transmitting joyous energy, uniting both teams.

There is not a single style of music that is best for everyone, fast, slow, loud or quiet. Be it Soul, Jazz, Rock, Dance, Latin, Opera, Pop or R&B whatever type of music that brings you joy is the best.


Karen J.

hands at a concert


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Holding Hands Is The Strongest Form Of Touch
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